Kids Boutique Wholesale Supplier

Wholesale Children's Boutique Supplier based out of Orlando, Florida
Are you looking to start your online children's boutique and not sure where to start? Do you already have your online boutique but you don't have a reliable supplier, or can't meet your minimum order quantities (MOQs)? From online to brick and mortar, we have you covered.
We have spent the past five years developing relationships with wholesale suppliers of children's and women's clothing, so that you don't have to. We know them, we trust them, we order from them weekly. We've taken the leg work out of finding a reliable wholesale clothing supplier, so you can take your business to the next level.
It can be so stressful to navigate relationships with vendors, attend trade shows, and compete with the largest brands just to get a few pieces for your collection. Don't stress, join our group, find out what we're about, and start making your dreams come true.
To learn more join our group at or you can send us a message at

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