National Boss's Day:
Q&A with Janelle Heyl

Janelle Heyl, Tulips and Twirls Boutique owner, question & answer chat

October 16 is National Boss's Day and we thought what a better way to celebrate, than to introduce you to our very own boss, and Tulips & Twirls Boutique owner, Janelle Heyl. Janelle started Tulips & Twirls Boutique, a children’s clothing boutique, three years ago from her home in Virginia. What started out as a little idea, has turned into an online children’s boutique offering unique and custom clothing options for little girls, boys, and ladies. It’s what she calls “A dream come true.” We sat down with Janelle and asked her a few questions about the boutique, fashion, and wise words for her younger self.

Q: Janelle, what is your favorite season, and why?

A: Absolutely, hands down, Summer! Even though we are in Florida, so it’s warm all year round, I love the fact that school is out and I can plan a fun filled summer of outdoor activities. It’s truly the best.

Q: If you could pick one fashion accessory for life, what is it?

A: Sunglasses. They serve a purpose and don’t require you to take something off to put them on. Plus, you don’t have to match them AND they complete any outfit. They really are the ultimate accessory.

Q: We have to know, as a boutique owner your favorite piece of children’s clothing?

A: Twirl dresses are my go-to. They are actually the reason I named our boutique “Tulips & Twirls”. There’s just something about the way the skirting twirls and makes little girls smile. Plus, my customers love them. And a happy customer is my favorite kind of customer.

Q: You meet your younger self, what would you tell younger Janelle?

A: I would absolutely tell her to slow down. Enjoy each and every phase of life she’s facing. Stop being in such a rush to grow up. Just really to take it all in. I’d tell her I know she’s going to hear “you’re going to miss this!” and it sounds cliche, but she will. She’ll miss it. So just pause, slow day, take it all in.

Q: How did you know this boutique was going to really be “something”?

A: I knew before I started. I know, i know, sounds crazy. But, I know me, and I knew I wouldn’t give up, ever. I had started a few businesses previously and I knew you had to put the work it, you can’t really stop. I wasn’t going to fail, I wouldn’t let that happen. It’s just in my blood to aim for the stars.

Q: Give us your best memory of making a customer happy?

A: Oh gosh, I don’t have just one. That’s too hard! I really love the messages, emails, and texts I receive with pictures of my customer’s children and hearing how happy their kid’s are in our clothes. It’s the best feeling knowing I was able to provide a little joy in someone’s day.

Q: What are you looking forward to in children’s fashion in the coming months?

A: I’m a sucker for Fall and Christmas. One of a kind prints for the holidays are so much fun. I get the biggest smile from being able to help families match in their holiday pajamas, seeing kiddos in their Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Holiday outfits. And don’t forget the family photos with customers in their Tulips & Twirls. Gah! Such a fun time of year.

Q: Build us a wardrobe capsule for a little girl, what will it include?

A: Easy question! A twirl dress, a coordinating hair bow, and a sweet pair of converse. Simple, put together, and timeless. The cuteness is unmatched.

Thank You, Janelle!

We had such a fun time talking to Janelle. We’re hoping we can do another chat with her soon and discuss a little more about her journey into boutique life, her plans for the future, and maybe even some personal questions.

Want to ask Janelle another question? She said she’s more than happy to answer them! Just shoot an email over to and ask away.



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